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3 Reasons To Rent A Compactor Dumpster For Your Store

If you need to rent a dumpster for your store's waste, then you don't have to use a standard container. You can rent a compactor dumpster instead. These dumpsters crush down waste before it goes inside the container.

What are the benefits of using a compactor dumpster?

1. Manage Waste More Efficiently

Even if you run a small store, you'll produce a lot of waste. For example, you'll have to dispose of a lot of cardboard and boxes.

While you can use regular dumpsters, they soon fill up with bulky waste. If you throw in a box without breaking it down, then it takes up too much space. Your dumpster will fill up too quickly unless you take time to squash bulky waste.

If you rent a compactor dumpster, then you manage your waste more efficiently. The compactor breaks down light waste and makes it smaller. So, you can get more stuff in the dumpster without having to put more effort into the process.

2. Avoid Problems With Dumpster Divers and Pests

Stores sometimes have problems with regular dumpsters. Dumpster divers might rummage in them to try to find something salvageable. As they go through the dumpster, they might throw trash out of the container and onto the ground around it.

Plus, you might have problems with pests if you throw food waste into a dumpster. Even if they can't get into the dumpster itself, they might be attracted to it if divers throw stuff out of the container. You don't want pests close to your store.

Compactor dumpsters are usually enclosed. People can't see what it is inside, and they can't get into the trash container. Your trash will stay inside, and you'll have fewer pest problems.

3. Reduce Your Waste Management Costs

If you don't fill your dumpster efficiently, then you might have to pay to have your trash removed more often. You might also have to pay for pest control services. Plus, your labor costs could also increase.

For example, your employees might have to clean up spilled trash on the ground or spend time breaking up trash to make it more compact. In either case, you have to take someone away from their regular work to do these jobs, which affects productivity.

Compact dumpsters save you money. You won't need more frequent pick-ups. The compactor manages your trash and keeps it off the ground so your employees can focus on their jobs in your store.

To see examples of compactor models, contact a dumpster rental company near you.