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Catch Basin Cleaning: Preparing For A Deluge

When a deluge of water rains down from the sky, proper drainage can be the difference between catastrophic damage and safety. Catch basins or storm drains can efficiently handle significant volumes of water, but only if clear and maintained.

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your catch basins or storm drains:

Scheduling and Tools

Catch basins are essential for preventing flooding and protecting the environment by collecting and channeling rainwater and other surface runoff. However, these basins can quickly become clogged with debris, leaves, and trash, which can lead to flooding, reduced water flow, and other problems. To keep your catch basins in top condition, regular cleaning is necessary.

DIY Catch Basin Cleaning

When cleaning out your catch basin, it's important to remove obvious things like branches and trash, while also spending time on making sure water can efficiently flow through the drains.

Inspecting and Clearing

Proper catch basin maintenance should involve regular inspection and clearing of problematic areas on your property that might cause issues.

To learn more, contact a catch basin cleaning service in your area such as CatchAll Environmental