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3 Telltale Signs That Mold Testing Is Needed

Some homeowners may assume that mold on surfaces is a common occurrence and nothing to get alarmed about. However, the surface mold could be a critical indicator that the substance lurks undetected in other areas such as attics, basements, or behind walls or ceilings. Some types of mold are toxic and can make individuals seriously ill. There have been cases of mold contamination that caused irreversible bodily damage or deemed homes inhabitable. 

Homes that have a mold issue may have several telltale signs that it is present. A common sign is a musty odor that will not go away despite persistent efforts to eliminate it using tactics such as deep cleaning, deodorizer, or scented candles. Individuals need to know the signs to look for that suggest mold testing is needed. 


Sometimes individuals in a household may have mold allergy symptoms that do not affect other members or their household. This can lead to misdiagnosis by doctors. Sometimes these individuals do not receive a diagnosis for their "mysterious illness".  Since other individuals in the home appear to be healthy, doctors may not associate their illness with being caused by mold. A common illness symptom caused by mold is respiratory problems. Individuals may have asthmatic or allergy symptoms that cause them to have runny noses, frequent sneezing, itchy skin, rashes, or eye irritations.

Odd Spots on Building Materials

Most individuals likely associate mold with having a furry appearance that is black, gray, or green. They may be unaware that the substance may have a slimy texture or it may not present itself as furry but rather as small dots on surfaces. These peculiarities need to be treated as important because mold can spread rapidly. Mold inspections are the most viable way to accurately locate all contaminated areas. The substance is known to thrive in HVAC systems in addition to the areas mentioned earlier.

Plumbing Leaks

Homeowners who experience water leaks need to be proactive and get mold inspections. This is because the substance thrives in wet and moist environments. A few spores can lead to fast contamination in a short span. Individuals who get testing performed can protect themselves against additional damages. 

A mold inspection company is a possible resource to use if mold is suspected in a home. They can perform tests to locate mold contamination, and their test results also show the type of mold that is present. Certain types of mold are toxic, and others are unsightly and may cause damage to building materials. It is not uncommon for test results to reveal that more than one type of mold is in a home.